Creating New Worlds in the anime art style

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We develop cross-platform applications that are compatible throughout all major gaming services

Specializing in the versatile Unity game engine, our team creates deep and immersive worlds with extensive lore and beautiful artwork. Our team has experience in the live-service model, constantly deploying updates and engaging with passionate fans to create the best possible games.


Serving the growing anime audience

Our mission is to create long-lasting IPs that will be cherished forever. We develop lovable and relatable characters set in imaginative universes. Our studio’s creative energy comes from a deep-rooted passion for two things - anime and gaming.

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With our expertise in developing free-to-play games under the live-service model, we know how to build a product with the end-user in mind. We have access to artists from across the world, including studios that can produce full anime featurettes. Drop a line in our Contact page!